Here at Brave Counseling, LLC, it is especially important to us to provide affordable services. We do not take insurance, however, we charge below what other clinicians charge privately with the same experience. We also provide a reduced fee for those in need of additional financial help. Although our reduced fee scale is based on income, we also take extenuating circumstances into consideration. (Please let the clinician know if you are interested in filling out the application for a reduced rate and any additional financial hardship information you think would be important for us to know).

Below, you can find our rates:

Private Pay:

  • 60 minute Assessment – $150
  • 50-Minute session – $150
  • Drug and Alcohol Assessment – $225
  • 60 Minute Group Therapy – $40
  • Clinicians seeking supervision– Please contact our team to ask about our rates.


We encourage each of our clients to check with their insurance company in order to determine if they have mental health benefits in their plan and what the details of that plan are.

Some helpful questions to ask your insurance provider are:

  1. “What is my deductible and has it been met?”
  2. “Do I need a referral in order to receive mental health services?”
  3. “Do I have a limited number of sessions I can receive per year and if so, what is that number?”

Many insurance companies will reimburse for therapy that is paid for privately. Each clinician can provide invoices, called a superbill, for reimbursement if your plan offers it. The client is responsible for asking for these invoices and submitting them to the insurance company.


Payment is due on date of service through our confidential, secure platform.

Cancellation policy:

We ask that you cancel or reschedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance. We charge a late cancellation fee of half the session price if canceled within the 24 hour window.

Each client is entitled to a Good Faith Estimate and will be provided with one before their first session. The No Surprise Act was enacted to ensure that clients were aware of all costs associated with their care which ensures there are no hidden fees. Please do not hesitate to request one if you have not received it before the first session.